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Please Listen

I want to tell you something and I need you to hear it, embrace it, to fix these words in your mind, to bind them around your heart. I want them to resound in the deepest part of your being so they can illuminate your path when the fog rolls in and you lose sight of the familiar markers that reassure you and lead you back home.

So please listen, I beg you—and you know I am not one to beg—listen with all that is within you, that these words might become a life jacket keeping you afloat when the circumstances of your life turn nasty, grow in intensity and threaten to come crashing down on you. Please remember these five words:

You are not beyond love

Please do not dismiss these words like you would an over-attentive waiter seeking to fill your water glass yet again – embrace them, for they bring life, birth hope, ground you in the unchanging presence that is God.

You are not beyond love

Please do not tell me you already know this, for if you did, if you truly did, there would be silence, tears glistening in your eyes, as gratefulness
engulfs you, as you once again soak in the truth that you are deeply loved, that you are loveable, no matter what.

Listen again my friend, open your heart:

You are not beyond love

You will never be beyond love – you are loved right here, right now, loved perfectly, loved infinitely, loved fully.

You are not beyond love.

I am not beyond love.

Suggestion for the month

Throughout the days of this month announce to yourself loudly (even if it is internally) and often that you are not beyond love and will never, ever, be beyond love. In fact you are downright loveable and actively being love in this very moment - loved perfectly, loved infinitely, loved fully, for you are the beloved of God and as such you are never beyond love.

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