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You are receiving this annual please-give-b-money email because I do not want to have not because I have asked not (this is me asking you for your money)
. The purpose of the is NOT to guilt you into supporting b but to ask you to do so. The summer is a financially difficult time for b so we send this out during the summer months to help us be ready for September and the start of our ministry year.

b invests our time, talents and energy into ministering to those in full time/part time Christian ministry and those preparing to enter into full time Christian ministry. We do this locally and throughout the world.

Primarily, we meet with pastors. This ministry was born out of my own experience of meeting with pastors for spiritual direction at youth pastors and pastors’ conventions. I discovered that many were going through, dealing with, very difficult realities in their life and ministry and did not have anyone they felt safe to share their struggles with. My heart broke for these individuals and God used all this to lead me to start b in 2005. b is currently meeting monthly, locally and globally, with well over 125 people in person and via skype – providing them the opportunity to unburden their hearts, and to open, reconnect with God, rekindle their first love, to explore and discover what God is doing in their lives and what God may be inviting them into.

We written two books; Journey with Jesus, Discernment, God's Will and Living Jesus for which we also created free online videos and handouts to help those in ministry make use of them. The videos we have produced for Journey with Jesus and Discernment, God's Will and Living Jesus have been viewed all over the world—39 different countries, mostly USA, Canada, United Kingdom—with an average of 333 views per month for the last year. We designed a resource entitled Does God Really Loved Me that we helped write the content of—7 weeks of daily devotions, 7 videos and 7 small group sessions which is now being used in dozen of Churches here and abroad.

We are also releasing a new book this fall—Journey with Grief. This book is really two books. The first section is to help those who have suffered the loss of a loved one as they navigate through their first year while section two is designed to equip other to come alongside those who are dealing with loss in healthy, life-giving ways.
We are involved with two different seminaries, teaching and meeting with students, professors and administrators, we work with individual churches and denominations, lead retreats, work with church staffs provide monthly musings, online materials (studies, videos…for free), offer training, provide guidance and design sabbaticals for pastors. In the past year we have averaged over 5200 visit to our b website per month.

b also travels internationally coming alongside pastors and missionaries in various countries for multiple day retreats. This year we were in Thailand and England.

Additionally this we help stock the library of a new retreat house for pastors and their families. It was a joy to order hundreds of dollars of books to filled the shelves of the new retreat center.

The bottom line is this - our ministry is dependent on donations. We need people like yourself to support b by giving a one time gift or monthly gifts, big or small. All donations are tax-deductible. SO please prayerful consider sending a gift to b this month— b-ing.org > Donations — to b this summer. We gladly receive donations (all of which are tax deductible - b is a charitable nonprofit organization - 501c 3) big and small. Just click the above link.

You can also email donations to:

2803 Turnbull St
Oceanside, CA 92054

Thank you for considering our request.

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