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Center for Spiritual Development in Orange
This Center has rooms for day and overnight retreats. It offers some very interesting and creative workshops dealing with various spiritual formation topics.

If you are a spiritual director, especially if you live near the center, I would encourage you to take a look at the various workshops they conduct for spiritual directors. They also have individuals who can provide supervision for spiritual directors.

San Diego Spiritual Directors Association
If you are a spiritual director in the San Diego area or someone looking for a spiritual director in the San Diego area this site may be very helpful. They have a list of local spiritual directors and also have gatherings for spiritual directors. So if you are in need of a spiritual director or if you are a spiritual director and want to network with other spiritual directors then this might be a site that is worth your time to check out.

This link is not a recommendation of any of the individual directors on their listing but is provided as a resource for you.

Private Retreat: Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside
This is a California Mission that still operates a Retreat Center. You can stay there during the week or on the weekends. You can also come just for a day. The grounds are quite lovely and there is a great sense of history there. This place has been around for over 200 years. The rooms are small and do not have their own bathrooms. The grounds are well kept and at night walking around in the silence is incredible. It is worth checking into if you are looking for a place to retreat and are not overly concerned about creature comforts. If decide to come call ahead and make sure that there is not a visiting group of children coming for a tour.

Private Retreat: Saint Andrew‘s Abbey, Valyermo
This is a wonderful retreat center. The rooms are quiet and spacious. Each one has it's own desk, bathroom with shower and a little patio. The grounds are nice and have plenty of space to walk/hike. You are welcome to all the prayer times with the monks and at night everyone enters into the practice of Grand Silence through breakfast the next day. If you want a quiet setting for a retreat this is it.