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Spiritual Direction - b Offerings for Spiritual Direction
Larry Warner
Steve Summerell

  • INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL DIRECTION is a specific time when a director and directee meet together one-on-one in a quiet setting, typically for an hour. The sessions are usually scheduled for once every three to four weeks.

  • GROUP SPIRITUAL DIRECTION is when a small group of people gathers together to be present to God for each other, listening to and seeking God for one individual at a time. This same group of individuals generally meets once a month.

  • DISCERNMENT GROUPS are formed from contingents or teams within a seminary, denomination, church, organization, or corporation such as leadership teams or groups from a specific ministry or department. These groups come together to seek God in discerning a specific question or decision.

  • SABBATICALS are offered for people seeking a time of rest and being in the presence of God, with some guidance from a spiritual director. Sabbaticals can be for one person or for multiple individuals simultaneously. Short-term sabbaticals are 2-3 days in length, while long-term include numerous meetings with the same spiritual director over the course of an entire sabbatical.
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