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Spiritual Direction - Presuppositions in Spiritual Direction
Larry Warner
Steve Summerell

  1. Triune God is the director
  2. God is at work before the person arrives
  3. All of life is fodder for spiritual insight and connection with the God in whom we live, move and have our being.
  4. The real work of spiritual direction is accomplished in between the sessions.
  5. Active listening to God, self and the directee is a critical component. (Presence and Attentiveness)
  6. Self-awareness of the director is a must.
  7. The ongoing ________ of the director is important.
    • Spiritual growth
    • Receiving of spiritual direction
    • Receiving of supervision
  8. Though somewhat hierarchal in nature, the spiritual director/directee relationship is not authoritative.
  9. Spiritual direction is not about giving advice, disciplining, preaching, guidance, counseling or teaching.
  10. Each director/directee relationship is unique… calling for wisdom, discernment, creativity and flexibility.
    • Spiritual direction is more art than science
  11. The spiritual director is not an expert, but one who journeys with.
  12. The spiritual director creates a place/atmosphere of safety that helps to foster the openness, honesty and vulnerability of the directee.
  13. The essence of spiritual direction is the directee’s deepening love of God and connection with God.
  14. Directees are seeking a deeper awareness of God’s presence in their lives.
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