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Presence vol.8: no. 3 - October 2o02
Presence vol. 10: no. 2 - June 2004
Holy Invitations

This is an excellent book for those who are interested in the topic of Spiritual Direction both as a practitioner and as one who is searching for a spiritual director. It is clear and concise and offers many insights regarding what spiritual direction is and is not.

If are interested in the topic of spiritual direction this book is a great place to start exploring and learning about spiritual direction.

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Holy Listening

This is a wonderful book which really emphasizes the importance of creating a space of hospitality, where the directee feels safe, valued and welcomed. Margaret Guenther writes; “…spiritual direction is about holy listening, presence and attentiveness.” She spends the book unpacking what this would look like in a direction relationship and as she does shares with us many insights gathered from her experience as a spiritual director.

The last two chapters are incredibly powerful. In one she shares with us her analogy of the spiritual director as midwife. This is worth the price of the book all by itself. She concludes the book by giving a number of important insights regarding giving direction to women. This book is a valuable resource for the novice or experienced spiritual director.

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Spiritual Direction -beyond the beginnings-
The subtitle of Janet Ruffing’s book, beyond the beginnings, adequately communicates what this book is all about. This book builds upon the knowledge that a director gathers through their studies and experience and takes them to a new level.

It covers issues of resistance, attending to theological themes in direction, mysticism and the often unexplored and misunderstood topic of transference and countertransference in direction. This is an excellent book for those who have been a director for a few years.
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