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Formation - Practicing the Presence of God

In Acts 17:28 the bible declares; ‘For in him we live and move and have our being’…this session is designed to help you to live life with that in mind. As you are able to live and order your life with the forever presence of God firmly fixed in your heart and mind you will be able to be proactive rather than reactive. You will be able to draw upon the resources of God more readily and see the fingerprints of God all around you more clearly.

“We have the formula of the spiritual life: a confident reliance on the immense fact of His Presence.”
Evelyn Underhill

A practicing Christian must above all be one who practices the
perpetual return of the soul into the inner sanctuary
Thomas Kelly

We are wholly immersed in Him, and the difference between God
present and absent is merely a difference in our awareness.
Evelyn Underhill

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