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Formation - Spiritual Disciplines

We unpack the why, what, wherefores and how’s of the spiritual disciplines. The disciplines are time tested tools which help us to more fully partner with God in our transformation into Christ likeness. We will give an overview of the disciplines, talk about how differing personality types are drawn to specific disciplines and explore the value of designing a personalized “rule of life.” The disciplines are an important tool in our spiritual formation. They are not an end in themselves but a means to an end...the end being conformity to the image of Christ.

“The disciplines allow us to place ourselves before God so that God can transform us.”
Dallas Willard

“The disciplines are activities of mind and body purposefully undertaken to bring our personality and total being into effective cooperation with divine order.”
Dallas Willard

“The classical disciplines of the spiritual life call us to move beyond the surface to living in the depths.”
Richard Foster

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