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My book, Beatitudes of Jesus: An Invitation Into the Sacred Space of De(re)construction   is now available for purchase on Amazon.com 


This is my 7th book and is an outflow of my journey with Jesus throughout my life but especially in the past 5-8 years. I believe understanding the beatitudes are incredibly helpful when it comes to living-Jesus.


Beatitudes of Jesus is unlike any others. Here are just a few of those things that makes this book on the beatitudes different:


1.    The reader is invited to interact with the material throughout—to pause and ponder what you’ve read while it is still fresh.  

2.    The Beatitudes are reexamined and knitted together a bit differently.

3.    The beatitudes are presented as descriptive realities, rather than prescriptive aspirations. 

4.    The now and communal nature of the kingdom of God is emphasized.

5.    The twin realities of righteousness are brought to light and held in tension with one another.

6.    Images of God are challenged, explored and exposed.

7.    The ongoing work of deconstruction and reconstruction is regarded as a necessary component to living-Jesus. 

8.    Our new heart is viewed as the beginning point of the life made available to us in Jesus.

9.    The concluding section of the book focuses on being Salt and Light is not often found in books on the beatitudes—a huge miss.


It is available as a paperback or ebook. Click link below.



This book has changed and is changing my life and I hope it will yours too.. 


NOTE: You may not agree with all you find in this book but my hope is it will provide space and freedom for you to explore, consider and question.

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