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Food for Thought


These are interactive offerings to help you spend some time exploring and deepening your relationship with yourself, God and others.

12 Days of Christmas (12 days of reflections)
Advent Week 1
Advent Week 2
Advent Week 3
Advent Week 4
The Lord‘s Prayer: Getting Started
The Lord‘s Prayer: "OurFather in Heaven"
The Lord‘s Prayer: "in heaven"
The Lord‘s Prayer: "hallowed be your name"
The Lord‘s Prayer: "your kingdom come, your will be done"
The Lord‘s Prayer: "Give us today our daily bread"
The Lord‘s Prayer: "Forgive us our tresspasses"
The Lord‘s Prayer: "...as we forgive those who tresspass against us"
New Year Resolutions
Fruit of the Spirit (9 weeks)

These are random thoughts on random topics by our random director.

A Four Week Devotional
Journey with Grief
Destructive Power of Words
Positive Power of Words
Gentle Answers and a Harsh Word
Power of Words
Learning to Lead others through the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius
Adventure: Expectation and Anticipation
Together on the Journey—The End of an Era
Entering into the Lenten Season
Take and Receive
Discernment, God‘s Will & Living Jesus
Training and Self-Care
Creativity and You
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Love Wins
UPCOMING EVENTS: Online and in Oceanside, CA
Hello Friend?
"I Can Work With That"
Sabbath, Trust and the Ten Commandments
Revisiting and Reflecting on Sabbath and Rest
The FN Epidemic
Love is in the Air
Reclaiming the F-word for the Church
"...the bible tells me so"
With Another
Slowing Down
The Look
The Fog
Wasted on the Young
Hum of Grace
Please Listen
The Line
The Present Moment: from nowhere to now here
Not THAT Again!
Rethinking Adult Faith
The Mathematics of Faith
Running YOUR Race
Jesus Prayer 2.0
The Mockingbird
Discernment: A Way of Life
Reflections on Discernment: Heart and Mind
Becoming Aware
Advent Reflections 2013
Advent Reflections Week 1 and 2: What‘s in a Name?
Advent Reflections Week 3 and 4: What‘s in a Name?
The Making of a Saint: St Ignatius of Loyola
Taking Your Spiritual Pulse
Slow down
Patient Trust
Obedience: Love God and do what you want (Part 2)
"A Feather on the Breath of God" (Part 1)
Lent 2013 - Stations of the Cross
Beginning the New Year – A Suggestion
All is Gift
Who is on My Screen?
Psam 23:5-6
Psalm 23:4
Psalm 23:2-3
Psalm 23:1
The Prayer
The Ancient Chant
Lessons from John the Baptist
Becoming a Discerning Person: The Prayer of Examen
Embracing Our Identity in Christ: The Prayer of Recollection
The Barefoot Guy
The Crash
Under Attack
Poetry Done Poorly
The Ocean
Turning Trial into Trail
Christianity is a Crutch
The Garden and Jesus‘ words from the Cross
Potter, Gardener, Shepherd and Lord
The Return of the Prodigal
Stations of the Cross
"Come, Follow Me"
Advent Week 4
Advent Week 3
Advent Week 1
Advent and the Use of the Advent Wreath
Happy New Year!
What is a Christian?
It‘s Not Just a Starting Point, It IS the Point!
What If?
Finding the Rest We Were Created For
"What are you looking at?"
Embracing Holy Week
Spiritual Driving
Back to Normal
Happy Birthday Jesus
Sister Moon
God loves loving
Trees and Boulders
Let There Be Light 2
New Year Resolutions
Let There Be Light 1
The World in Broken
Theology and Me, II
Theology and Me
God: Male and Female
Fire and Water
God Loves Me...
Helping to Become
Taming the Tiger
The Four Seasons
The Moon
Energy Efficient God
In Spite Of
The Owners Manual
The Leper
Inappropriate Words
The Onion
The Road
Chocolate Pudding
Instant Pudding
Eternal Security
Spiritual Formation

These are written to you and deal with various issues in spiritual formation giving guidance and insight regarding the use of spiritual disciplines in one’s life.

What is spiritual formation?
Breath Prayers
Rhythm of Life
Time with God
Creative Writing
Barefoot Prayer
Be Yourself
Prayer of Examen
God loves You (pt 1)
God loves You (pt 2)